When you have a dog or cat that needs to look great, or they just need some extra TLC, you can depend upon the full grooming services of Gentle Groomer! Our canine appearance technician will help you decide which cut is best suited for both you, and your dog.


We use the EZ-Groom line of all natural pet care products. All shampoo's and conditioners are bio-degradable, herbal, and hypoallergenic. Sure to leave your pet with a healthy, and manageable coat!


Your dog or cat have no shortage of extra hair? Is it all over your house, furniture, and clothes? Our furry friends will shed, but we can help! Bring your furry friend in for our deshedding program today!

Additional Add-Ons

Hydro-Surge Baths: $20

(Great for pets requiring a multiple series of medicated baths, such as pets with skin allergies, skin conditions or arthritic pets.)

Medicated Baths: $10.00

Herbal Flea Baths: $10.00

Hot Oil Treatment: $20.00

Teeth Brushing: $5.00

Nail Trimming: $10.00

Nail Grinding: $15.00